Bud Light Brought Back 'Real Men Of Genius' Ads With A Spin

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bud Light ran a series of TV and radio spots called "Real Men of Genius." Each 60-second ad was a humorous tribute to men with overlooked occupations like movie theater ticket ripper-upper, basketball court sweat wiper and supermarket produce putter-outer. The award-winning campaign was axed in the summer of 2008, but now Bud Light is bringing it back with a twist.

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The light beer brand's latest stunt is called "Internet Heroes of Genius" and features seven new minute-long YouTube clips calling attention to "the people who make social media and the internet great" including Person Still Using Their Middle School Email, Person Who Accidentally Went Viral, Corporate Social Media Manager, Snapchat Lens Creator, Video Streaming Login Sharer, Online Encyclopedia Editor and Person Who Sorts By New.

In the old ads, Pete Stacker was responsible for commentary and the lead singer of the band Survivor, Dave Bickler, did all the singing. Bickler is best known for his 1982 smash hit "Eye of the Tiger." The revival features voiceover actor Dave Steele and singer Brandon Beilis, both of whom sound similar to the original talent.

"Internet Heroes of Genius" is pretty great, but there's just one thing: It uses audio and minimal graphics only, which feels like a missed opportunity, because visuals are a huge part of what made the old ads great. Perhaps the brand will add them to the mix should they ever revisit the small screen. Either way, we're glad this iconic campaign is back, and we'll cheers to that with one of the 101 best beers in America.