British People Get Drunk More Than Any Other Nationality, Survey Says

If you find it easy to picture a British person hanging out in their local pub, downing a few pints to go with a plate of fish and chips, you may not be that far off. According to a new survey, Brits get drunk more often than any other country on Earth.

The Best Beer in Every State

The Global Drug Survey, published May 16, is the world's largest drug study. The eighth annual report compiled data gathered from more than 123,000 people from more than 30 countries.

British respondents reported getting drunk on more days than any other country, with a mean of 51 days annually versus a global mean of 33 days. Could it be the weather? The endless arguments over Brexit? Was it something Prince Charles did?

The United States and other English-speaking countries were close behind. U.S. drinkers averaged 50 drunk days per year, compared to 48 for Canada and 47 for Australia. South American drinkers got drunk on the lowest number of occasions. (Chileans report getting drunk just 16 times a year, less than a third as many times as the Brits.)

The survey is packed with interesting facts. Italian respondents reported mixing cannabis with tobacco more than any other country. German-speaking female respondents regret drinking more often than any other group. And New Zealand has the most expensive cocaine in the world at 220 euros per gram ($245 U.S.)

If you'd like to join the Brits in their national pastime, you don't have to fly across the pond. Here's a guide to what beer you should drink according to your zodiac sign.