Big Batch Cocktails to Help You Get into The Christmas Spirit

Individually crafting cocktails is so yesterday

It’s your party, and you should mingle and jiggle if you want to!

Throwing a holiday fête? Don’t get stuck behind the bar. It’s your party, and you can mingle and jiggle if you want to! But there’s a problem: how do you keep the merriment flowing if you’re not manning the bar? We have your answer: big batch cocktails, of course! We have a few recipes that will keep your guests’ glasses full and your own hands free to properly party.

Need inspiration for what to put your punch in? Yeah, we’ve got you’re bowls covered too!

Now go make some merry!

Hot Gin Punch

Photo Credit: Nick Strangeway

Gin is (arguably) the darling of the spirit world, and this hot punch with honey, orange, lemon, cloves, and cinnamon is the perfect drink for you and your guests to warm up and get down.


Photo Credit: Flickr/mathrong

If there is anybody who knows how to do winter right, it’s the Scandinavians. This northern version of mulled wine is a classic warming up technique.

Slow-Cooker Hot Punch: A Mulled Pomegranate Drink

Photo Credit: Flickr/Joana Petrova

The jury is out as to why pomegranate is so closely associated with Christmas, but it’s the unexpected flavor that makes this punch a real hit.

Minibar Cider Sangria

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This hard cider sangria boosts of harvest flavors. Even though there’s a little bit of spice, this beverage is refreshing just as much as it is festive and delicious.

Red Nose Punch

Photo Credit: Flickr/Kimli

This crowd pleaser is festive, but not in a freaky way (we’re looking at you, ugly sweaters). As the recipe calls for a lager beer, go with a dark lager base, which adds richness to a cocktail party where only finger food will be served.