The Best Iced Tea (Slideshow)

Don't refrigerate this too quickly or the tea might cloud. Cloudy tea is still delicious, but it's not as pretty to look at, and iced tea is so perfect for guests that you want it to look ideal. You can alter this recipe as you see fit. 

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Best Southern Sweet Tea Recipe

In the South, tea is really just an excuse to sip a whole sugarcane's worth of sweetness in one glass. 

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Best Cold-Brew Tea Recipe

You lose some of the high notes, but you gain a guaranteed cloudy-free tea. If you're going to use the cold-brew method, this is how.

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Best Peach Iced Tea Recipe

What goes better with iced tea than peaches? This classic combination is a great use of fresh peaches that are just starting to get a little mushy.

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Best Blackberry-Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

Blackberries and lemons are a classic flavor combination, and they brew perfectly into a fresh, delicious tea. Use less sugar for a healthier brew that's still bright and sweet.

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