This Is the Best Holiday Drink Ever

Serve this beverage and wow all of your holiday guests
This Is the Best Holiday Drink Ever


If you want to throw the best holiday party on the block, make this cocktail.

If you’re thinking about hosting a big holiday bash, there’s a plethora of cocktail options for you to experiment with. Eager to try to host a more laid back, comfortable, and cozy environment? A mulled wine or hot cocoa recipe may be more up your alley. On the other hand, if you’re envisioning a classy, Gatsby-esque environment, stick to the bubbly.

Though either of the above approaches are sure to please your guests, when we think of holiday parties, we think of off-the-wall crazy environments, with tacky sweaters and quirky drink recipes. If you want to throw a holiday party that is fun, festive, and truly embedded with Christmas spirit, we have the best holiday drink recipe for you to serve. It’s called The Drunken Elf.

The Drunken Elf Martini

This cocktail is the best holiday drink for many reasons. First, it includes candy canes — an iconic and beloved Christmas staple. As if that weren’t enough, the recipe calls for an ounce of Fireball Whiskey per drink. This will really get the party going. Finally, and most importantly, we have to mention how great the name is. Hopefully, this cocktail will leave you tipsier than the drunken elf that inspired it.

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Click here for Drunken Elf Martini recipe.