The Best Fall Vegetable and Fruit Combinations for Juicing (Slideshow)

Time to start using up our favorite seasonal ingredients in our juices (hooray!)


Beets can work in just about any juice you might want this fall.

Beets + kale (or Swiss chard) + apples + celery + lemon = The Beet Zinger Juice Recipe

Beets + kale + apples + strawberries = Raw Beet Juice Recipe


Now's the time to pick up some pears at the farmers' market. 

Pears + ginger + tangerine + ginger + cayenne = Ginger Pear Juice Recipe


Granny Smith apples: is there anything more beatiful? Apples are the sweetest thing to add to a juice. 

Apples + carrots + ginger = Apple Ginger Juice Recipe

Granny Smith apples + spinach + romaine + lemon = Lemon Greens Juice Recipe


Your juicing superstar is here. (And if you're in a pinch, grab fall's next best green, Swiss chard.) 

Kale (or Swiss chard) + beets + apples (Gala or Granny Smith) + orange + lemon + ginger = Ultimate Juice Recipe