What’s the Best Coffee in America? You Tell Us!

Cast your votes for each category before February 11!
best coffee survey
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What's in your cup?

Before you head into work in the morning, do you brew a hot pot of Folgers? Maxwell House? Green Mountain? Or do you get your caffeine fix at a coffee shop like Starbucks or Dunkin’? How about a fast-food spot? McDonald’s isn’t known just for its hamburgers, you know.

Take the Survey: America's Best Coffee

The truth is, coffee is available to us in various different forms at many different places. Are you making it fresh from the bag? Instant? Letting the Keurig do the work or leaving it up to the barista? All of the above? We rounded up the big brands and notable smaller joes because we want to know what you’re drinking. So tell us!


Each prompt in this survey coincides with a specific coffee category — light, medium and dark ground coffees, instant, decaf, Keurig, high-end, fast food hot and iced, cold brew and pre-bottled coffees, plus coffee chains. The polls are open now until Monday, February 11, and when they close we’ll know which coffee in each category is America’s favorite. We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, February 13! Click here to take our survey, and when you’re finished, fill up your cup because there are 14 reasons you should drink more coffee.