The Best American Craft Beers to Drink This Winter

Brews that will keep you warm all winter long
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No matter who you are, or what your tastes, there’s an American brewery and winter beer for you.

Winter brings colder weather, holidays, and an unspoken understanding that food and drink should be heavy, spiced, and comforting. As the seasons change, some of the best craft breweries in America release their winter offerings, some only vaguely evocative of the season and some outright holiday-themed.

The Best American Craft Beers to Drink This Winter (Slideshow)

Though many look to European countries like Belgium and Germany for great craft brews, you have to give it up to American craft breweries. 

All across this great nation, there are artisanal brewmasters with their own signature styles of making great beer; some breweries focus on perfecting traditional varieties, others just want to have fun with flavors; those characteristics come out in full swing when it comes to making a seasonal brew.

No matter who you are, or what your tastes are, there’s an American brewery and winter bottle for you.

Alaskan Brewery Co.: Alaskan Winter Ale

Alaskan Brewing Co.

Brewed with spruce tips (because it’s Alaska, so why not?) the final product is a unique brew with fresh piney flavor. This mild English-style ale is complex and flavorful enough to be enjoyed on its own, but also holds up nicely with game meats and holiday treats.

Anchor Brewing Company: Christmas Ale


Anchor Brewing Company
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Every year since 1975, Anchor has released a Christmas Ale; though the recipe and label varies from year to year, one thing remains the same: Drinking it is always a good idea.