Best Alcoholic Drinks for Your Diet (Slideshow)

Where’s the fun in bikini ready with no cocktails by the pool?

Best Red Wine — Franzia Merlot

Box wine gets a bad rap, but if your foodie friends give you flack for drinking from a spigot, tell them that your 5 ounce, 12.5 ABV glass of red only has 105 calories, about 50 less than theirs.

Best White — Skinny Girl

These whites are 13.5 ABV and have around 112 calories per glass. Not a huge difference from regular whites, which typically have about 15 more calories per 5 ounces.  

Best Bubbly — Brut Champagne

No brand necessary. Champagne is one of the most chic drinks around and also one of the most calorie friendly. A 5 ounce glass is 12.5% ABV and only has around 110 calories. Be sure and buy Brut, which means that no sugar has been added. 

Best Spritzer — Bon Affair

It’s basically a white wine cocktail in a bottle, and while it has lower ABV (6.5%), this blend of sparkling water and sauvignon blanc has only 62 calories per 5 ounce glass. 

Best Pale Beer — Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Look, light beer is gross, and regular beer has a lot of calories. It’s a sad situation, really. But for full flavor and only 130 calories per bottle, this is a really nice, barbeque-ready beer. 

Best Dark Beer — Guinness Draught

Who knew Guinness was one of the easiest full calorie beers on the waistline? One 12 ounce glass of Guinness is only 128 calories. 

Best Daiquiri Stand In — Prickly Pear Mezcal Mule


Christine Dionese, health specialist and author of The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending with Flair, has long been suggesting prickly pear for its blood sugar lowering effects. Researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria have found in a small study that prickly pear decreased blood glucose by 11 percent. 

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Best Seasonal Springtime Cocktail — Thyme, Lime, & Lavender Crisp


Another of Christine Dionese’s elegant, low cal creations, this bright beverage uses St. Germain, a very smart mixer with just 80 calories per ounces and just 18 percent sugar by volume. 

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