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The Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Beer Slideshow

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Good-to-Know Terms

International Bitterness Unit: Otherwise known as IBU, it is the scale used to measure bitterness in beer — an important measurement for those fans of super-hoppy IPAs. Generally speaking, a low IBU number dances somewhere around the teens, whereas some of the bitterest beers have an IBU that clocks in the triple digits.

Skunked: A word used to describe a beer that has been damaged by exposure to UV light. According to BeerAdvocate, to avoid skunked beer "don’t buy a beer on display, don’t buy a beer in a cooler that is brightly lit, and don’t leave your beer exposed to light."

Lacing: The term used to describe the pattern made by a beer’s foam when it clings to a glass as a beer is consumed. Arguably an indicator of a beer with good head retention.