Baja Blast Mountain Dew
PRNewsfoto/Mountain Dew

Baja Blast Mountain Dew Is Back in Stores for a Limited Time This Summer

For the first time in two years, you can buy Baja Blast in cans and bottles

What’s the best part about visiting Taco Bell? For “Dew Nation,” it’s the chain’s exclusive access to the sweet soda beverage Baja Blast Mountain Dew. But now, Mountain Dew’s avid fan base is about to gain access to Baja Blast in stores everywhere for its temporary re-release this summer.

Years ago, you could find the Baja Blast bottles beside normal Mountain Dew on store shelves — until the drink disappeared from supermarkets entirely. If you craved a cup, it was Taco Bell or bust. But due to popular demand for the tropical-flavored beverage, Mountain Dew has decided to resurrect their adored discontinued flavor for purchase in bottles.

PRNewsfoto/Mountain Dew

The re-release is happening for a limited time only — after summer disappears, so will Baja Blast. Fans can find the bottles for purchase beginning April 23 and lasting through the summer season. It’s a good thing summer is the best time to be sipping this tropical-flavored delight. It will come in 20-ounce bottles and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, all of which will transport you to a sun-swept paradise of lush lime flavor.

Die-hard fans are already gearing up for the release on social media, tweeting about their love of Mountain Dew's rare drink. 

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Now, we’ll all be able to sip Baja Blast anytime, anywhere, no visit to Taco Bell required. Although a taco or two couldn’t hurt… While you’re at Taco Bell, you could even try their most popular secret menu item ever.