Fans Sent Broken-Hearted 'Bachelor' Winner Becca Kufrin $6,000 to Buy Wine

Supporters wired her money on Venmo after Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke off their engagement

Breakups can be hard, but they’re probably worse when they’re broadcast on national television. After publicist Becca Kufrin was blindsided and dumped on ABC’s long-running dating show The Bachelor, sympathetic fans began sending money to the single-again 27-year-old to use on wine.

In the season 22 finale, bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. got down on one knee and proposed to Kufrin after sending the other contestant, Lauren Burnham, home. Six weeks later, after telling Kufrin he would choose her “every day,” Luyendyk experienced a change of heart and broke up with his wife-to-be because he couldn’t stop thinking about the runner-up.

The unedited footage aired during After the Final Rose on March 5. For much of the three-hour special, Luyendyk — a Dutch-born racecar driver — sat remorsefully on the couch beside Kufrin in her Arizona home, ignoring her demands for him to get out. Ultimately he left to reconcile with Burnham and proposed to her in front of a live TV audience during the second segment on March 6.

Luyendyk described himself as “a monster” for what he did to his ex-fiancée, and according to payment-sharing app Venmo, plenty of people agree. In an epic case of women (and several men) supporting women, fans of the show and those who’ve never even watched it are wiring Kufrin money for wine.

With each donation, many are opining that Kufrin “dodged a bullet,” and are offering other words of encouragement and reassurance.

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“HE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU,” Jessica Schwarz declared.

"I'm in college and this is all the money I have but I want you to have to buy yourself something nice to help get over that stale crouton of a man,” Sarah Neil wrote.

“This is for all the women who’ve been humiliated for the entertainment of men. I’ve never watched the bachelor, nor will I. Moral bankruptcy,” Melissa Peet said.

“You deserve a fantastic man. Or a fantastic glass of wine. You decide,” Amanda Avila wrote.

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Even sandwich chain Jimmy John’s joined in on the action.

“Sandwich money to soak up all the wine and tears,” the company wrote on Venmo.

The Minnesota native has racked up over $6,000, but she won’t actually be using any of it for booze. Instead of drowning her sorrows, Kufrin — who has conveniently been cast on next season’s The Bachelorette — told show host Chris Hansen that she is donating the money to Stand Up for Cancer. Former Bachelor front-man Ben Higgins will also give to the charity via proceeds from his coffee company, Generous Coffee.

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