Aldi’s New Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Is Only $5.89 per 6-Pack

We love an inexpensive moment

Canned alcoholic seltzer waters are all the rage — especially during warm summer days at the beach, where it’s most certainly frowned upon to lug a bottle of vodka and club soda in your tote. Drinkers can find trusted brands like Truly, White Claw and Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer just about anywhere, but now Aldi is mixing up its own private label of canned spiked seltzers, and they cost only $5.89 per six-pack.

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Aldi’s Vista Bay Hard Seltzers will hit store shelves on May 2. The boozy bubbly will be available in four fruity all-natural flavors, including ruby grapefruit, lime, black cherry and coconut mango, an Aldi-exclusive flavor. At $5.89 per six-pack, each 12-ounce can costs less than $1 before tax. Our wallets are forever grateful, and we’re crying happy tears.


As far as alcohol content goes, Vista Bay has a 5 percent ABV and contains just 100 calories per drink. When describing the product at a press preview, an Aldi spokesperson said the canned cocktail is very comparable to White Claw, one of the most popular brands in the growing hard seltzer market. Looks like America’s best beach bars have a little friendly competition now, y’all.