9 Tea Tricks That Will Help You Feel Better

Once the chilly seasons come around, there are plenty of things to get excited about. Whether it's holiday parties, a hearty Thanksgiving meal, or compiling your never-ending Christmas wish list, fall is a highly anticipated season for many reasons. Nevertheless, there's one thing about fall that no one looks forward to: cold and flu season.

9 Tea Tricks That Will Help You Feel Better

A cure to the common cold has yet to be discovered, but there are plenty of remedies that are said to help make it a bit more manageable — tea is one of them. The warmth and pleasant aroma of tea is sure to soothe away your sickness, but why stop at a simple cup?

Depending on which type of tea you're drinking, each is said to benefit a specific part of the body. That being said, there are additional herbs, spices, sweeteners, and other things to add to tea that can help it reach its full healing potential.

Sugar, spice, and all of the above; here are nine things to add to your tea when you're feeling sick.


Anxiety can leave you feeling frazzled, resulting in a tight and upset stomach. According to Dr. Axe of Food Is Medicine, basil helps to ease stomach muscles, relieve gas, and general abdominal pain. Soothe your senses, relax, and add a basil leaf to your green tea.


If you wake up feeling like you're about to pop, you might be experiencing some serious bloating. Luckily, Authority Nutrition reports that a few dashes of cinnamon in your morning tea willdetox the body and jumpstart metabolism, effectively curing bloating.