9 Snappy Facts About Snapple

9 Snappy Facts About Snapple

With flavors like Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, and Kiwi Strawberry, Snapple has made quite the reputation for itself in regards to its delicious taste.
In the mood for a refreshing bottle of Snapple? Here are 10 interesting facts about the beloved brand.

It Has Changed Ownership A Lot

Since it began, Snapple has changed ownership numerous times. Quaker Oats Company bought Snapple from its founders in 1994, and then sold to Triarc (now called The Wendy's Company) in 1997. After that, Cadbury Schweppes purchased it in 2000. In 2008, Cadbury spun it off to Dr. Pepper, which is now the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

It Left Its Long Island Roots

Ever heard someone say, "New Yorkers love their Snapple?" This originally came about because Snapple was once a Long Island based company. Now, it calls Plano, Texas, home. 

It Changed Its Formula

No more high fructose corn syrup. Since 2009, Snapple has been sweetening its drinks without this controversial ingredient. Though the company's goal has always been to provide a healthier beverage than its competitors, these changes have made it a force to reckon with in the beverage industry. Plenty of companies have been removing high fructose corn syrup from their products in the last year or so, but Snapple was ahead of the curve.

It Used to Have a Spokesperson

Wendy Kaufman, the Snapple Lady, was an iconic personality for the brand. After joining the company in 1992, she was the go-to source for any in-person questions related to Snapple. She was also known for answering fan mail on commercials. Unfortunately, she was let go when Quaker Oaks purchased the company — but Triarc reinstated her when they took over.

It Was Named After Apple Juice

Unadulterated Food Products, Inc. was one of the first companies in the United States  to make juices with more natural ingredients than soda. In the late 1970's, Snappy Apple Juice became one of Unadulterated Food Products' best sellers. By morphing "snappy" and "apple" into one, they created the name, "Snapple."

Its Biggest Fans Were Celebrities

Celebrities like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh used to constantly rave about the natural qualities of the brand on their radio shows.

Its Flavors Weren’t Based Off Focus Groups

The three founders didn't like to use focus groups to test their flavors. Instead, they insisted on trying their own out-of-the-box flavors and choosing the ones they enjoyed the most. With nearly $1 billion in sales in 1994, it's more than clear that the public liked the same flavors they did.

The “Cap Facts” Are Really True

Snapple is known for providing "Real Facts" under the cap. Many of these have been proven to be incorrect, but for all of you non-believers out there, Snapple has recently revamped their Real Facts system, correcting errors and offering sources for the information on their site. Take a look here.

There’s a Theater Named After the Company

If you take a stroll down Broadway in New York City, you'll notice an entertainment complex called the Snapple Theatre Center. Even though Snapple's headquarters moved to Texas, there will always be a place for the company in New York.