9 Category-Defying Spirits

Mezcal-gins? Red absinthe? You've got to check these out

Category-defying spirits

Not that long ago, you just needed a few bottles if you wanted a well-stocked home bar: some bourbon, cognac, gin, rum, Scotch, vodka, and, if you were adventurous, tequila.

Now there are, of course, countless varieties of those staples, as well as a slew of new creations like barrel-aged gins and vodkas made from honey and milk sugar.

But some distillers aren’t satisfied staying within the confines of traditional spirit categories and are getting seriously creative. How creative? They’re coming up with completely new types of liquor.

So, check out these nine truly unusual and inventive bottlings and then let us know which one you’d like to try.

Pierde Almas +9 Mezcal-Gin
We love making Negronis with both the traditional gin and also with smoky mezcal. But thanks to Pierde Almas +9, we no longer have to choose between the two spirits. The brand infuses its Espadín Mezcal with nine gin botanicals including juniper berries, coriander, fennel, and orange peel. Problem solved.

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