8 Most Amazing Soft Drink Cans and Bottles

These soda containers were so beautiful or quirky that we almost hated to open them

8 Most Amazing Soft Drink Cans and Bottles

We've found 8 soft drinks cans and bottles that we think are particularly imaginative. What's inside the packaging may be familiar (like Coke or Pepsi) or something new and different (like Charlie's Natural Sodas), but what's outside makes us want to reach for these whatever they contain

Charlie's Natural Soda

According to "Charlie" (the founders of this New Zealand-based company are actually named Marc, Stefan, and Simon), “The stuff we love ain’t good for us and the stuff that’s good we don’t love!” And "Charlie just can't accept that." Thus, these soft drinks with "more juice, less calories, less sugar, no fake stuff." This natural soda line’s cans are colorful and full of life.


Photo Modified: Flickr / Anailen Borges / CC BY 4.0

Coke is no stranger to the world of intricate soda cans. This company has had its fair share of special collaborations with many celebrities, including famous athletes and German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Karl Lagerfeld can is surprisingly fun with bubbly accents that are one of a kind.

DRY Sparkling

DRY is an impressive line of sparkling beverages founded by food guru and mother of three Sharelle Klaus. Though the bottle design is clean, it’s also timeless and pleasing to the eye. Each bottle is clear with a picture of the featured scent, spice, or fruit flavor that the bottle contains. These delicate photos aren’t as noticeable at first glance, however, their simplicity makes their packaging distinct.

Jones Soda Co.

Even though the bottle is clear, the crisp black-and-white photographs on the label paired with the neon liquid inside create an edgy look that works. Plus, the company features photos sent in by consumers on the label—how cool is that?

Pepsi (Michael Jackson Can)

Would you pay $350 for a can of soda? If it was an ordinary can, the answer may be no. But what about a Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour can from 1993? And according to the owner on Ebay, it’s unopened!


Looking for a little mid-day motivation? “Obey your thirst” with these unique new cans — 16 limited edition ones — featuring quotes from rappers Drake, Nas, Rakim, and The Notorious B.I.G. The cans are still “Sprite signature green,” however, the quotes make each can more worthwhile.

Veri Soda

Photo Modified: Flickr / Mike Mozart / CC BY 4.0

This organic soda company believes that consumers should be able to enjoy soft drinks without all of the health threatening ingredients. Their cans have a design with distinctive patterns and sharp colors that almost resemble a deck of cards, making them “truli different” (as they phrase it). Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a tasty soda that’s good for you as well?


Zeo is a company that provides lightly carbonated soft drinks made with 98% spring water and natural fruit. With all-cap letters and colors that evoke the tropical rainforest, the shape of the bottle creates a calm and collected image resembling the good ol’ outdoors.