8 Most Amazing Soft Drink Cans And Bottles

Some of the oldest and most successful soft drink companies have to remain viable in an ever more creative marketplace, and are always looking for ways to help keep their products up-to-date.

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For newer brands, the challenge is getting the consumer's attention in the first place. In addition to rethinking classic formulations, often stressing reduced calorie counts, the use of natural ingredients, and other "healthy" strategies, these companies reach out of avant-garde designers or find ways to communicate their ethos visually with evocative forms and colors.

In recent years, there have been some pretty amazing soft drink cans and bottles out there. Some feature the image of a celebrity; others call upon a noted artist or designer. Some go for simplicity and clean lines, while others have fun with imagery and typography.

We've found 8 soft drinks cans and bottles that we think are particularly imaginative. What's inside the packaging may be familiar (like Coke or Pepsi) or something new and different (like Charlie's Natural Sodas), but what's outside makes us want to reach for these whatever they contain.

Charlie's Natural Soda

According to "Charlie" (the founders of this New Zealand-based company are actually named Marc, Stefan, and Simon), "The stuff we love ain't good for us and the stuff that's good we don't love!" And "Charlie just can't accept that." Thus, these soft drinks with "more juice, less calories, less sugar, no fake stuff." This natural soda line's cans are colorful and full of life.


Coke is no stranger to the world of intricate soda cans. This company has had its fair share of special collaborations with many celebrities, including famous athletes and German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Karl Lagerfeld can is surprisingly fun with bubbly accents that are one of a kind.