Turmeric from 8 Foods and Drinks That Will Soothe Fall Allergies (Slideshow)

8 Foods and Drinks That Will Soothe Fall Allergies (Slideshow)

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This golden spice is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.


Red Bell Peppers

Delicious bell peppers are packed with inflammation-fighting vitamin C, as well as immunity-supporting carotenoids. 



“Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which are the best types of oils for inflammation,” wellness expert Dr. Nicola  McFadzean Ducharme of Restor Medicine tells us. Studies have suggested that the fats in fish are excellent for immune boosting.


Red Grapes

These sweet treats are a great source of resveratrol, an antioxidant that may help reduce inflammation. 



“The best anti-inflammatory foods are ones rich in healthy fats,” Dr. Ducharme tells us. Olives are also packed with immune-boosting properties, and some medical practitioners even recommend using olive leaf extract as a supplement. 

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It is thought that avocados' extremely wide range of carotenoids is one important factor in its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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Kale Smoothies

“Eating plenty of greens in particular, but all fruits and vegetables, with lean meats and healthy fats gives the body the best ingredients for immune health,” Dr. Ducharme says. Try a kale smoothie with tofu, almond butter, or yogurt for a protein and vegetable boost.


Honey-Ginger Tea

Just loosening your phlegm with some warm tea may help, but try a mix of fresh sliced ginger and honey for a little teasan filled with the very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols.

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8 Foods and Drinks That Will Soothe Fall Allergies (Slideshow)