8 Drinking Tactics For Avoiding A Hangover

Hangovers: can't live with them, and could definitely live without them. Hangovers can ruin your entire day, and nobody has time for that. Who wants to spend their weekend in bed?

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There are countless theories about how to avoid a hangover. Whether you take the proper precautions before drinking, practice the old liquor-before-beer trick (which we aren't sure is true), or eat your way out of morning misery, everyone has his or her own tactic.

The best hangover food has long been a subject of debate. Some prefer vitamin-packed and clean meals to detox their bodies, while others insist on a greasy plate of fatty foods. Sure, people believe that you need food to cure a hangover, but the thing to really pay attention to is what you should drink. Staying aware of which liquids you're consuming is just as important as finding your go-to hangover grub. For example, it's important to pay attention to how much water you're drinking throughout the night, and we recommend resisting the urge to order cheap drinks. Finally, have you ever had Emergen-C or coconut water? If not, we may convince you to try.

Keeping all of that in mind, we thought you might want to know which liquids you should keep on your radar when you're planning on going out for a few. Whether you're using these tips before, during, or after your night of drinking, it doesn't matter. Each of these drink tactics will help you avoid a hangover.

Avoid the Bubbly

When it comes to hangovers, carbonation is not your friend. In fact, research has shown that carbonated drinks increase the speed of alcohol absorption in the blood.

Be Careful with Your Mixers

If your drink of choice happens to be a cocktail, take note of what you're selecting as your mixer. If you must use a sugary mixer, a helpful hint is to pick juice over soda. At least most juices have vitamins — the bar classic cranberry juice is a good source of vitamin C

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