The 8 Coolest Vintage Beer Labels Ever

We wish these were still around

They don’t make them like they used to.

A common misconception about collecting vintage items is it will do major damage to your wallet. This may be true for some things — if a celebrity has touched the item, for instance, you might want to save your money. Some antiques go for a crazy amount of cash, but this isn’t the case for many vintage beer labels — many of which are beautifully designed and perfect for displaying in your kitchen or man cave. Beer lovers, rejoice!

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Whether you’re looking for a pale ale, an Irish stout, or a holiday blend, websites like EBay allow you to purchase some totally cool labels for low prices.

New to the world of vintage beer? Or do you consider yourself to be a total expert? It probably doesn’t matter. If the label is from before the 2000s or if the product is no longer available for purchase, it’s probably more unique than what you have lying around the house. We’ve rounded up a list of vintage beer labels that we believe will spice up your collection.

Golden Gate California Beer Lot Collection, 1950, $29.95 

Golden Pheasant Sebewaing Beer / Ebay

Itching for a California getaway? Not only will this beer label bring you back to the ‘50s, it also provided a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge with each sip. This label is one-of-a-kind.

Golden Pheasant Sebewaing Beer, $1.00

Golden Pheasant Sebewaing Beer / Ebay


Doesn’t “Golden Pheasant” sound elite? We think there should be more beer names out there like this one. This label would be a sleek and glossy addition to your collection.