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8 Beers to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day Slideshow

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Dark Starr Stout, Starr Hill Brewery

For fans of darker brews, this popular Irish dry stout has a lot of character to offer for a beer that checks in at a mere 4.2 percent ABV. Per the brewery, "This signature brew pours like velvet and drinks like a slice of grandma's pumpernickel bread." On a day when you’re likely to be knocking back more than a few, this is a great sessionable beer to have on hand.

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Celtic Ale, Harpoon Brewery

This seasonal Irish red ale from the popular Boston-based craft brewery is described as "rich, malty, and complex." It's medium-bodied and smooth, and is a good choice if you lean toward brews that have a pronounced, robust malt flavor.

Rogue Ales

Irish Lager, Rogue Ales

According to the Newport, Ore., brewery, this mellow lager was created in 1998 when brewmaster John Maier decided to make an Irish-style lager that would float Guinness. The award-winning brew is light and easy-drinking with a floral nose and fruity crisp-apple finish.

Schlafly Beer

Irish-Style Extra Stout, Schlafly Beer

Described as "an amped-up version of a traditional dry stout," the St. Louis brewery’s seasonal brew is deserving of the "extra" in its name. It pours black with a smooth, fuller body, and boasts chocolate and coffee aromas on the nose. There’s a pleasant sweet, roasted malt character there, too, which balances out the hops.


Irish Red, Samuel Adams

This beer from the well-known Boston brewery seems like a logical choice for St. Patty’s Day imbibing. The easily accessible brew has a deep red color, caramel flavor, and an even balance of malt and hops.

Three Floyds Brewing

Brian Boru, Three Flyods Brewing Co.

Named after the famed Gaelic high king, Three Floyd’s Irish-style red ale is characterized as very rich with "toffee, caramel, citrus, and pineapple notes."

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Dry Stout, Guinness

No conversation about beer and St. Patrick’s Day would be complete without mention of Guinness — it’s the "pot o’ gold" standard for a reason. The perennial holiday favorite, it’s full-flavored — rich and silky smooth, with that signature foam — but only clocks in at a low 4.2 percent alcohol by volume. (That’s good news for you hard-partying revelers.)


Irish Cream Ale, Kilkenny

Of course, if you want to stick with a traditionally Irish beer but aren’t necessarily in the mood for something dark like Guinness, Kilkenny's Irish cream ale might be the right choice. The amber-hued ale has the same kind of creamy, foamy head but instead has a distinct sweet, toasted malt flavor offset by a slight bitterness. 

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