8 Beers to Bring to Your Super Bowl Party (Slideshow)


Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL (Boston, MA)

Imperial Pils Lager, 5.00% ABV

Slightly more copper-colored than the pilsner a Budweiser drinker may be used to, Sam Adams came up with this crisp, hoppy lager designed to make you IPA drinkers out there happy. It’s smooth drinking, with notes of pine and citrus, and finishes clean. It would pair nicely with grilled meat and strong cheese.

Smuttynose Star Island Single (Portsmouth, NH)

Belgian-Style Pale Ale, 4.70% ABV

From the makers of Old Brown Dog, Smuttynose Star Island Single is an easy and refreshing golden ale, characterized by subtle flavors of honey and tropical fruit. Its light body and dry finish makes this a perfect beer to have more than one of, and would pair well with spicy food.

Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Longmont, CO)

Czech-Style Pilsner, 5.30% ABV

Mama’s is a sudsy brew, excited to be poured into a glass, but just as comfortable in its can (yes, you can get great beer in cans these days, and if you’re concerned about looking too snooty at the party with your fancy bottled beer, this one is perfect for you). Subtle on the nose, but gutsy and flavorful with hints of bitter lemon and fresh grass, this definitely qualifies as my favorite pilsner on the list.

Left Hand Brewing Co. Stranger (Longmont, CO)

American Pale Ale, 5.00% ABV

This clear, golden-hued ale is a fantastic beer to serve with food. The flavors are complex enough to pair with any number of dishes, but for me, this is a perfect complement to a juicy cheeseburger or a barbecued pulled pork sandwich. Up front, you’ll encounter caramel and rye notes, but it finishes hoppy and dry, cleaning your palette with tangy citrus. 

Anchor California Lager (San Francisco, CA)

American Pale Lager, 4.90% ABV

Anchor’s addition to the world of American lagers provides something for everyone. Well balanced, this easy-drinking beer meets you with a toasty sweetness, and evens out with a gentle floral bitterness. Malty without being cloying, I recommend a good bit of salt in whatever food you pair with this.

Stone Levitation Ale (Escondido, CA)

American Amber Ale, 4.40% ABV

This is a light, drinkable brew disguised as a big, dark beer. The nose hits you with powerful caramel, smoke, and citrus, but the flavors are understated, refreshing and hoppy, with a smooth, dry finish. For those of you who say you dislike darker beers, this one is a perfect way in. Its low alcohol and weightless body make this one of the best light beers I’ve ever tasted. 

Redhook Audible Ale (Woodinville, WA)

American Pale Ale, 4.70% ABV

Some beers claim to be perfect for game day, but this one was designed specifically for watching football (Redhook consulted Dan Patrick on the recipe). Lightest in color of all the beers listed, this session ale boasts a subtle but well-balanced flavor profile that includes refreshing citrus hops and toasty baking bread. Its low alcohol and easy drinkability means you can power through a few of these bad boys before the half-time show without getting sloppy.  

Elysian Brewing Co. Zephyrus Pilsner (Seattle, WA)

German Pilsner, 4.44% ABV

Elysian Brewing Co. is widely considered Seattle’s best brewery, and it has the track record and awards to back that up. And with their brewery in spitting distance of the Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field, this pilsner will definitely be going down easy in the Emerald City on game day. Medium bodied and tart, you may pick up on notes of sourdough and smoky tea through the citrus- and herb-forward palette. This beer pairs brilliantly with the sweet-salty of pizza, or a good spicy Italian sausage.