7 to 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees Slideshow


1. Because Audrina From 'The Hills' Likes Them

Sure, why not drink a Slurpee like Audrina?

2. Because Zendaya Coleman Really, Really Likes Slurpees

Um, sure. 

3. Because We Can Build Sand Castles and Drink Slurpees Next to Them

Hey, Nikki Reed.

4. Because Action Figurines Like Them

The Blob figurine from the movie Wolverine. As if you couldn't find something weirder on a Slurpee straw. 

5. Because We Love All the Straws

If you're not drinking a Slurpee with multiple straws, you're doing it wrong.

6. Because Slurpee Tops Make Great Cat Hats

He looks awesome, doesn't he?

7. Because Slurpees Make Great Costumes

Such a good look-alike. (The guy on the left is jealous.)

8. Because You Can Take a Slurpee Anywhere

Or, presumably, sneak them in anywhere. 

9. Because Slurpees Gave Us THIS.

Wine slurpee machines! Boozy slurpee machines! All the booze, all the slurpees! 

10. Drinking Slurpess Will Make You a Winner

11. In Short, We Love Slurpees.

Just don't drown in your Slurpee love — Free Slurpee Day comes just once a year.