6 Cocktails to Ease the Pain (or Praise the Gain) of Tax Time

6 Cocktails to Ease the Pain (or Praise the Gain) of Tax Time
Fort Knox

Chances are pretty good that you need a drink.

A wise man — or perhaps it was a wise woman — once said "Alcohol may not solve your problems, but neither will water or milk." By the same token, alcohol may not make the process of filing your income taxes, and then sending all your spare change to the IRS, any more pleasant, but we can't think of any other beverage that would be of greater help.

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Whether you're sweating under the impending deadline (April 15, if you need reminding) or have already filed and are considering whether to send your daughter to the local junior college instead of Yale or just sell the house and the car and the dog so you can send the government what you owe — or have just resigned yourself to racking up penalties and fines, because you're never going to get all this incomprehensible paperwork done on time, chances are pretty good that you need a drink. And in the unlikely event that you're actually getting money back, well, doesn't that call for a celebration?

Here, then, are half a dozen cocktails, both classic and inventive, made just for tax time — whatever tax time may mean to you.

Pencil Eraser

In a muddle over your 1040 worksheet? Take time out and muddle some fruit instead. Then dive back into that hellish form, erase your mistakes, and start anew. Click here for our favorite Pencil Eraser recipe. 

Hanky Panky

We are not, I repeat, not, advocating that you get creative with your deductions. In the unlikely event that you are tempted to fudge a little here and there, step away from that 1040 and take time out to mix yourself this classic tipple. It dates from the early years of the last century, so perhaps it will remind you of the old-fashioned values of honesty and integrity. Click here for our favorite Hanky Panky recipe.

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