6 Best Satellite Bars

These bars are hidden within pre-existing bars, and keep us coming back

Speakeasy-style joints complete with secret entrances and unlisted phone numbers may be old hat, but there’s now a new breed of even-more-intimate establishments opening across the country. The best part? You can find these watering holes inside some of your favorite pre-existing bars.

2nd Floor on Clinton, New York, 212-529-6900:
When you’re tired of swilling beer at Lower East Side dive Barramundi, head through the back door and up the stairs to the cozy 2nd Floor on Clinton for one of mixologist Kenneth Eberle’s tasty creations. You'll feel like you’ve emerged in the elegant living room of a grand Upper East Side apartment.
What to Drink: Glass Slipper (Hendrick’s Gin, Lillet Blanc, St-Germain, orange blossom water)

The Varnish, Los Angeles, 213-622-9999:
After devouring a hearty French dip sandwich at Cole’s in downtown LA, walk past the red booths to Eric Alperin’s cocktail den. You’ll most likely have to wait for a seat, but his list of expertly mixed standards is worth it.
What to Drink: Holland Cobbler (genever, Curaçao, raspberry, lemon juice, grated nutmeg)

The Wilson & Wilson Detective Agency, San Francisco, 415-346-1735:
While a delicious cocktail is always a sure thing at Bourbon & Branch, The Wilson & Wilson Detective Agency (pictured above) provides a truly bespoke experience. Jayson Wilde’s drinks can be sipped à la carte, but you can also order a three-course $30 tasting menu. Punch is a great choice to share with a date as well at a romantic table for two.

What to Drink: Lost Temple Punch (strawberry-infused pisco, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, lemon juice, rosemary syrup, sparkling wine)

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Contributed by Alia Akkam, Liquor.com

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