1. Pluot From New Belgium from 55 Beers to Drink This Summer

55 Beers to Drink This Summer

Courtesy of Cyndi Monohan; Flickr/ Santa Clara Liquors
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1. Pluot From New Belgium

"Every summer, I look forward to stone fruits coming back to the farmers' market: peaches, plums, and all the weird hybrids like plumcots, dinosaur eggs, donut peaches, cherums... so when I stumbled on New Belgium Pluot on our shelves, I was ecstatic! The light, fruity pluot flavor is perfect for summer, but not sickeningly sweet like some fruit beers. It's the perfect way to cool down after a day in the sun. A study malt background gives it wonderful substance, and I love the retro label. Pair with spicy meats (hot off the grill) and charred vegetable skewers. Just watch out for the 10 percent alcohol content... it will sneak up on you!"

— Cyndi Monohan, beer specialist for Quality Liquor Store in San Diego, Calif.