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Ravi Bangaroo

Everyone has a favorite craft brew, what's yours?

Hello from all of us at The Daily Meal,

Craft breweries are taking over an ever larger part of the beer market — and with an estimated 650 new craft breweries opening in the past year, this booming industry shows no sign of slowing down. (A craft brewery is defined as “small, independent, and traditional,” with a production that doesn't exceed 6 million barrels per year.) The U.S. now has more breweries than it has ever had. 

Based on last year's ranking of the Best Craft Breweries in America, and on lists of the best new ones since last year, The Daily Meal has come up with a list of some 80 craft breweries for our 2016 list. We invite you to vote on your favorites. It's easy, and won't take long. Just click here to join the fun:

The 50 Best Craft Breweries in America Survey

Thank you in advance for your time and helping us make this the ultimate listing of craft breweries in this great beer-making country of ours.

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