The 50 Best Craft Breweries In America 2016

If you asked someone what their favorite craft beer was 40 years ago you most likely would have been met with a blank stare. Craft beer was barely on the scene and the beer giants like Bud Lite, Corona, and Coors ruled the industry.

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Today craft breweries have taken over the market and the US now has the most breweries it has ever had; with an estimated 650 new craft breweries opening in the past year alone. But what is a craft brewery? According to the Brewers Association, in order for a brewery to be considered craft, it must be "small, independent, and traditional." That means that it produces no more than six million barrels per year and that outside investors or part-owners have less than 25 percent control of the brand. 

This year we combined last year's list with some new craft breweries around the nation and opened the voting to you, our readers. More than 20 states are represented in our final ranking and out of the 5 breweries found in New York 3 call Brooklyn home. Here is The Daily Meal's final list for the top spots to enjoy a craft brew in 2016.