5 Bites of San Diego Slideshow

Here’s our list of 5 dishes and where to get them in San Diego

Biscuits and Gravy From Tobey’s 19th Hole Café

Tobey’s 19th Hole Café is located on the Balboa Golf Course in the heart of downtown San Diego. Mary Desjean describes these biscuits as "life-changing," which would make sense since everything is made from scratch. Diners can enjoy the Southern dish while enjoying Tobey’s view of sprawling downtown San Diego. Tobey’s is fairly inexpensive, but it’s also cash-only, so don’t forget to hit the ATM before you go. 

Southern-Fried Belgian Butter Milk Fried Chicken and Cheesy Waffle Sandwich From D Bar

D Bar in Hillcrest is known for their desserts, which taste as good as they look. But locals know that their dinner menu is not to be overlooked. The chicken and waffle sandwich, as recommended by Mary Desjean, is a must-try item in a chic atmosphere. And just because you’re ordering dinner doesn’t mean you can’t get dessert, too. We think the d=mc2, made with milk chocolate mousse with salted caramel, praline crunch, and peanut nib crumble, sounds delicious. 

Something on a Stick From Yokohama Yakitori Koubou

This Japanese spot off Convoy offers affordable options without sacrificing taste. The best part? You can order almost anything, from vegetables and meats to chicken gizzards and beef ribs, on a stick.  

Dessert Flight From Swoon Dessert Bar

Swoon Dessert Bar in North Park wants to make you do exactly that, swoon. With menu options that not only change weekly but range from sweet to savory to a combination of the two, this spot is a must visit in San Diego. We suggest you try the Chef’s Choice Dessert Flight, a choice of three seasonal menu items that are available on Friday and Saturday. An example of what you can expect would be sweet pea gelato with carrot cake, carrot ganache, white chocolate, and bacon dust, which we’re pretty sure is the same as fairy dust — but don’t hold us to it.  

Mashed Potato Tacos From Carnitas Uruapan

Are you sitting down? Good, because we’re about to tell you that this La Mesa spot makes a mashed potato taco, which, as you might have guessed is a taco that has mashed potatoes inside. Our friend Mary Desjean tells us that this comfort food overload is "To. Die. For." The best part? Three of these homemade tacos are $2.99. OK, you can stand up now.