5 Best Budweiser Commercials Ever Made

Budweiser is known for its funny, often, tear-jerking commercials, and we think these are the best the beer company has ever made.

Frogs Croaking "Bud" "Weis" "Er"

Throw back to the '90s... It's the twenty-first century and we still can't get these frogs croaking "Bud" "Weis" "Er" out of our heads.


Friends Are Waiting

The simple message here — drink responsibly, lest you break the heart of your furry best friend — really tugs at the heart strings, and all we want to do is cuddle a puppy.


Puppy-Horse Love

Man's best friend becomes best friends with a horse. The joyous barking and neighing completely steal away our hearts.


A Clydesdale's Love

There will be plenty of Budweiser commercials, but this horse's love for its best friend makes us want to grab a beer and watch this one over and over again.


We'll Never Forget 9/11

It may have aired only once, but we'll never forget Budweiser's heartwarming tribute to 9/11.