4 Thanksgiving Mocktails to Try This Year

Serve these mocktails at your Turkey Day dinner


Pass on the booze and gobble down these mocktails instead. 

A traditional Thanksgiving is best for filling the bellies of turkey-loving folks that enjoy a big meal, paired with a glass of wine or fall cocktail.

That being said, if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving with a vegetarian, there are plenty of main-dish alternatives you can prepare, like pumpkin lasagna or vegetarian mushroom shepherd’s pie. Now, what about the people who don’t drink alcohol?

Your guests who don’t drink alcohol deserve a more appealing drink option than store-bought sparkling grape juice or apple juice. If you prepare these four mocktails, you’ll be sure to please everyone.

Apricot Zinger Recipe

This mocktail is full of flavor and low in calories, making it a healthy alternative to the more common sugary beverages usually on offer. Balance out your food coma with this light, healthy mocktail.

Click here for the Apricot Zinger recipe.

Rosemary-Tangelo Shrub

This Thanksgiving mocktail only contains five ingredients, making it a perfect beverage for a Thanksgiving host.

Click here for the Rosemary-Tangelo Shrub recipe.

Sparkling Apple Cider

The sparkling water in this mocktail gives it the same aroma as a flute of bubbly. Cheers to Thanksgiving with this refreshing and uplifting sparkling apple cider recipe.

Click here for the Sparkling Apple Cider recipe.

Spiced Orchards Mocktail

Spicy drinks pair perfectly with a Thanksgiving dinner, so this mocktail is no exception. This unique recipe includes Thai basil, elderflower syrup, and apple juice.  

5 Tips for Making Healthy "Mocktails"

Click here for the Spiced Orchards mocktail recipe.