3 Wines That Pair Well with Turkey

Enjoying a Thanksgiving meal? You’ll need light and fruity wine
Turkey and Wine

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What better way enjoy Thanksgiving than with a perfect glass of wine.

Hosting a hearty Thanksgiving this year? If there is one thing that pairs perfectly with a luscious piece of turkey, it’s the perfect glass of wine.

These labels are sure to do the trick but, you can also use their descriptions as a wine-buying guide in the future. Take a look at three wines we suggest to pair with your turkey this Thanksgiving.

Bruna Rossese 2012, Liguria, Italy

This is a light red that is made with unripe red fruit. Its juicy and light to mid-weight minerality goes well with turkey, gravy, and sausage stuffing.

Folk Machine Pinot Noir 2012, Central Coast, Calif.

A classic to serve at your Thanksgiving meal. This pinot noir is a selection from the Hobo Wine Company’s second label called Folk Machine. Their wines are simple, delicious, and well-balanced. Perfect to pair with a large, filling meal.

Gaspare Buscemi VinOro, 2012

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This wine is a blend of sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, and ribolla gialla. It has that light and fruity balance that pairs well with a salty turkey, but it is also suitable to drink with a carb-laden stuffing or a green bean casserole. It will please the palate of any guest you serve.