3 Ways to Tell You’re Too Old for the Bar You're In

Is that Kanye West playing through the speaker?
Men with beer


Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re the oldest person at a bar.

A typical college bar will offer two for one pitchers, red solo cups, or well-drinks for only $2. It would be nice if your everyday hangout or favorite restaurant offered drink deals as cheap as these, but if you’ve graduated and found a real job, a $2 red bull vodka is not in your near future.

If you’re brave enough to take the crazy atmosphere of a college bar post-graduation, by all means, be our guest. In fact, we’ve already rounded up a list of the best ones to visit. However, that is if and only if you’re willing to feel like the oldest person in the room, which isn’t the best feeling.

Not sure how to determine whether or not you’re too old to be hanging out at your favorite dive? Take a look at our quick checklist and you’ll be able to tell in seconds.

It’s Super Cheap

We’re not talking about happy hour. When we say “super cheap,” we mean beers for $1 or shots for under $5. College is fun, but it puts a hurting on your wallet, and college bars are aware of this fact. When you’re looking your next Friday night hangout, use this rule of thumb: the lower the price, the lower the age.

There’s a Line and a Bouncer

Chances are, a swanky, sophisticated, and expensive spot won’t have either of these. It’s not because they’re unpopular or anything along those lines, it’s because college kids can’t afford a cocktail for $16. If they can, they’d rather get more bang for their buck and buy a case of beer. These joints don’t need a bouncer either, because underage kids aren’t trying to get in. A spot like this will card you at the bar, not the door.

They’re Only Playing the Top 25


This one is pretty straight forward. If you don’t know who’s playing over the loud speaker, (and the reason isn’t because it’s an oldie), you’re definitely too old to be there. This especially applies if everyone around you knows the song and you don’t. Get out quick so you can avoid the upcoming mosh pit.