3 Ways To Make Your Starbucks Order Healthier

When the holidays come around, we're tempted to treat ourselves more often than usual. And when Starbucks debuts its holiday line-up for the year, your plain and simple Pike Place Roast may become a little less appetizing. Why not order a festive Peppermint Mocha? You'll make up for it once your New Year's resolutions are in full swing, anyways, right?

The Starbucks holiday drinks can serve as a delicious dessert in a cup, but it's easy to forget that they have the calories that come with dessert. Try not to get too frazzled, though, for there are ways that you can make your Starbucks order a little bit healthier.

The following tips apply to holiday drinks and your regular, year-round order. They're quite simple, but always keep in mind: The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.


Next time you order a latté or mocha, ask your barista to use soy, coconut, or nonfat milk. Whether or not you believe these whole milk alternatives are better for your general health, there is no denying that these allow you to enjoy a drink with far less calories.


If you're trying to cut down on calories, focusing on the kinds of liquids you consume is a great place to start. If you absolutely need caffeine to wake you up every morning, but insist on putting milk and sugar in your coffee, we understand, but do you really need a Venti? If you'd like to stay within a specific calorie count each day, portion control is vital — and it applies to your liquids just as much as it does to your food.


Everyone knows that syrup is full of sugar, but luckily, Starbucks provides a sugar-free selection. If you believe the sugar-free syrup isn't as good as the original, ask for fewer pumps. You can even request a specific number of pumps, if you'd like.