3 Tips to Make Super-Boozy Baked Goods

Next time you bake a cake, add some booze

Alcohol and baking is a match made in heaven.

Have you ever tried a bourbon cupcake? If you’re attending or hosting a party anytime soon, a boozy baked good is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Whether it’s the holidays, someone’s birthday, or you’re just in the mood to treat yourself, a buzz-inducing cupcake will suffice for all occasions.

Making a boozy baked good is easier than you think. Nevertheless, when preparing a rum-soaked cake or a spiked piece of pie, there a few things you need to keep in mind.

Here are three tips for preparing the ultimate boozy baked goods.

At First, Less Is More

When baking with alcohol, it’s safe to start with a pinch of booze and work your way up. For starters, less is more, but if you’re really looking to get tipsy, the more the merrier!

It Doesn’t End with the Batter

Of course, there are plenty of ways to make the foundation of your goods with alcohol, but you can make boozy icing as well. A great example of this is mint julep or lemon drop frosting. For some great recipes, click here.

Substitute Alcohol for Extracts

The method to the magic? Swapping out one thing for another. According to Betty Crocker, you can substitute alcohol for extracts in nearly any baking recipe you want.