Hang Over


3 Things That Happen to Your Body Every Time You Get Drunk

Alcohol is not the best thing for your body
Hang Over


Long story short: None of these things are good.

A night of drinking with your friends can consist of great conversation, a hefty meal, and an overall good time. Drinking a ton of booze will definitely loosen things up and get the party going, but unfortunately, it isn’t doing your body any favors.

If you’ve ever had a few too many, we’re sure you’ve been a victim of the negative effects of alcohol. But do you know why these things happen?

Here are three (unpleasant) things that happen to your body every time you get drunk.

You Become Dehydrated

Many alcoholic beverages are filled with sugar. Sugar is not recommended for many reasons, and its role in hangovers is no secret. Dehydration is a key factor in those horrible hangovers you feel the next morning, so for every alcoholic beverage you consume, drink a glass of water.

You Get the ‘Drunchies’

If you’ve ever found yourself stumbling towards the nearest Taco Bell in the wee hours of the morning while scrounging for loose change in your wallet (because you spent all of your cash on booze), you’re not alone. If your body is running on nothing but booze all night, your comfort food cravings are just another way it’s telling you it needs fuel that isn’t liquor. Alcohol tricks your stomach and makes it believe you’re giving it fuel. A few hours later, your body realizes the drinks consumed were just empty calories — so now, it’s time to chow down.

You Sweat Like You’ve Never Sweat Before

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Feeling some sweat around your collar? According to the Huffington Post, it’s because alcohol is a vasodilator, meaning it naturally enlarges the blood vessels, resulting in rosy cheeks and a “beer blanket” feeling. Is it warm in here, or is it just your whiskey sour?