3 Stiff Drinks You'll Need to Recover from Watching the Presidential Debates

Watching politics is the perfect excuse to drink


Who cares who won! Just pour us another.

Rubio, or Christie? Kasich, or Trump? No matter whose side you’re on or what party you’re rooting for — after watching hours of the Republican presidential candidates bickering, anyone could use a cocktail.

Last night’s debate ran a hefty three hours and 11 minutes — allowing the top 11 Republican candidates to have their say regarding some of America’s most important issues. According to CNN, the “winners” of last night’s debate read as follows: Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie. They also claim it is unclear where Trump and Kasich fell, but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz could have done better.

If you’re ready for this election to be over, we feel your pain, but you’d best pace yourself. There are still another 417 days until the actual election! And look, it’s not that we don’t care about the issues — but three hours of who’s right and who’s wrong can be a bit much.

That’s exactly why after last night’s debate, we’re setting out for some of the stiffest cocktails out there. That way, we can forget about all of the bickering or meet with friends for a few and battle it out ourselves!

Here are three super strong cocktails that may come in handy if you watched last night’s debate or if decide to watch another. (Seriously, these are the strongest we could find.)

Maybe you should ask some of the losers to join you for this one, because after last night — they’re going to need it.

Aunt Roberta Cocktail

2 ounces of Absinthe, 1 shot of brandy, 1.5 ounces of gin, 3 ounces of vodka — you name it, and the Aunt Roberta cocktail’s got it! Take a couple of sips of this deadly drink and you’ll forget everything that  happened in the debate.

Long Island Iced Tea

It’s the combination of liquors that make this drink tasty, but deadly. Have you ever looked into what’s in it? Long Island iced tea contains 1 ounce of vodka, rum, gin, and Combier. We’ve gone so far as to say that it will get you tipsy in two sips.

Sazerac Cocktail

This deadly drink, originally comprised of Sazerac French brandy and Peychaud’s bitters, has been around for over a century — it was the first “branded” cocktail in America, or, some argue, the world. By the time it was first bottled, in 1933, it was made with American rye whiskey rather than brandy and a dash of absinthe.  With ingredients like 90 proof Sazerac Rye Whiskey and Herbsaint (which can be purchased at up to 120 proof), this drink will become your post-debate best buddy!


The accompanying slideshow is provided by Juliet Tierney.