3 Signs That Prove Your Coffee Addiction Is Far Too Real

Is coffee good or bad for you? Does it provide health benefits, or is it safer to stick to a less extreme caffeine alternative, such as tea? There's a lot of speculation behind downing that cup of coffee on a regular basis.

The health beliefs will always be a toss-up, and we've come to terms with that. Nevertheless, it never hurts to know whether or not you could go on without the stuff, right?

Are you obsessed with the PSL enough to the point that you'll drink it every day? Do you start to feel queasy if you haven't had your morning cup? If any of these symptoms sound like you, you may be addicted to coffee.

Still wondering if you qualify as a true coffee addict? Take a look at our top three ways to recognize if your addiction is far too real.

Your Local Barista Knows You by Name

First-name basis is the tale tell sign for any addiction. If you walk into your local Starbucks and the barista doesn't seem to recognize you, you're in the clear. If you can hardly walk through the door without the barista yelling your name, whipping up your order without asking and reaching for your Starbucks card before you can even get into your wallet, you might want to cut down on the coffee a bit. (Or switch Starbucks locations.)

You Feel Withdrawals without It

Ever found yourself complaining about the headache you have because you haven't have your morning cup? This happens because your body is literally going through caffeine withdrawals. For true coffee addicts, missing a morning cup is a one way ticket to headaches, shakes, and mood swings. It's no fun.

Your Wallet Takes a Beating

Starbucks gold members, this one is for you! If you find yourself setting aside a solid amount of money a month for coffee, you may want to reevaluate your spending habits. Spending over $100 per month on coffee is not for amateurs, it's for addicts.

The accompanying slideshow is provided by Jess Novak.