3 Household Items That Will Open Your Beer

Did you know these items could open a beer?

Photo Modified: Flickr / frankielon / CC BY 4.0

Now there’s no excuse to not have a cold one.

Have you ever reached into the refrigerator for an ice-cold beer, only to realize you can’t enjoy it because you don’t have a bottle opener? If so, we have some good news for you.

Did you know that a bottle opener is not the only object that will open a bottle of beer? There are tons of things out there that will help you crack your cold brew, even if that’s not what they were made for. In fact, many of them are lying around your house.

Here are a few household items that can double as a beer opener — so now there’s no excuse not to have one.

Potato Peelers

That’s right, they’re not just for potatoes. Grasp the neck of the beer and hold the peeler upside down. Place the peeler under each ridge and pry them off one by one. The cap won’t pop right off, but by the end of the rotation, you will be able to pull it off with your hands.


If you take the edge of the bottle cap and snip small slits in each of the ridges, the lid will eventually just pop off. Make sure the scissors are strong and sturdy!


Hold your hand around the neck of the bottle, place the top of the spoon under the cap, and push down. The bigger the spoon, the better.


The accompanying slideshow is provided by fellow The Daily Meal Managing Editor, Lauren Gordon.