3 Flavored Waters That Shouldn’t Exist

Pumpkin spice water? Really?
Flavored Water

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Fruit-infused water is one thing, but these water flavors are a different story.

Fruit-infused water has been proven to be good for your health, so we totally get what companies are trying to do with the whole flavored water thing. In fact, without all of the added sugars and other questionable ingredients, it’s a really good idea. But, just because fruit-infused water has become trendy doesn’t mean everything else applies.

Take chocolate, for example. Chocolate is a sweet, globally-known treat that’s adored by many, but that doesn’t mean it should be a water flavor. The same thing applies to pumpkin spice. Yes, the popularity of the PSL at Starbucks is undeniable, but it’s successful in the form of a latte, not water.

There are many ways to make your average cup of H2O a little more exciting, but these companies took it a little too far. Here are three flavored waters that simply shouldn’t exist.

Artichoke Water

Superfoods are trending now more than ever. That being said, we understand the thought process behind Artywater, but out of all superfoods to choose as a water infusion, why choose artichokes? While artichokes offer plenty of health benefits, we just can’t see why they would be desired in the form of an infused water product.

Pumpkin Spice

Ah, the pumpkin spice craze. As soon as October is even slightly on the horizon, loyal PSL fans are hounding their local baristas about the release date. This flavor is best enjoyed as a warm coffee drink, making water its polar opposite. Just because this flavor is popular in coffee form doesn’t mean it will be in water form.

Chocolate Mint

Unlike many sweets, chocolate can be enjoyed as a liquid in several ways. Melt your chocolate into a soul-soothing cup of hot cocoa, or freeze it and blend it into a milkshake. In other words, enjoy it as a dessert — don’t use it to hydrate.

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