21 Weirdest Beer Flavors Slideshow

Bonfyre of the Daiquiris: Against The Grain Brewery

This weird beer flavor seems like it's for the indecisive member of your friend circle. This is for the person who can't decide whether they want liquor or beer with dinner — well now they can just have a daiquiri-flavored beer from Against The Grain Brewery and quit annoying you with comments like, "I don't know!" and "What do you think I should get?"

Avocado Honey Ale : Island Brewing Company

Island Brewing Company has come up with an avocado honey beer that is sure to pique your interest in their other creative brews as well. We can't say that the flavors are all there for us in this brew, but it's definitely innovative and conceptually creative — especially for warm weather drinkers. The brew isn't actually made with avocados as you might suspect; rather, it's made from avacado honey.

Banana Split Chocolate Stout: Thomas Creek Brewery

There's nothing like a nice cold massive banana split at the end of a long day... we mean beer. Nice cold massive beer. Wait, do we? Who cares, because Thomas Creek Brewery is letting us have our bananas and ice cream and drink it, too — seems weird but we're secretly very excited for this weird beer flavor.

Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout: O’Dell Brewing Company

As a kid you dreamt about the day you could legally pound a brew back with your old man — but until then you stuck to your chocolate milk.O'Dell Brewing Company seems to have reversed this concept and believes that chocolate milk can be creatively used in a beer... hmm, why not?

Coconut Curry Hefeweizen: New Belgium Brewery

Beer does in fact pair well with spicy foods like curry, but a coconut curry beer from New Belgium Brewery seems kind of out there — really out there. If you have any idea how to pair this  beer with something let us know, because the thought of drinking it alone is scaring us. 

R&R Coconut IPA: Stone Brewing

OK, so coconut isn't that crazy and weird, but when paired with beer, it's strange. The flavors are all there in this lighter beer from Stone Brewing but we're not sure how we're feeling about the mixing of hops, barely, and coconut.

Crème Brûlée: Southern Tier

An innovative concept from Southern Tier, this brew is crème brûlée-flavored. The idea seems strange, but when you imagine the flavors of a smoky beer it almost matches the taste of caramelized sugar on the top of the classic dessert.

Fire in the Ham: Jack's Abby

Jack's Abby's has a beer that tastes like smoked ham and bacon — we don't know which to drool over first, the bacon or the beer. But then again, we're also a little weirded out that there are hops, barely, and malt in there and we have to drink it... we'll stick to the solid form of pig. 

Breakfast Stout: Founders Brewing

Coffee and beer definitely work together and we can see why. Founders Brewing has come up with a beer that is flavored like coffee — and since many beer lovers note the bitter similarities between coffee and beer we think this matchup isn't such a bad idea!

Ghost Face Killah: Twisted Pine Brewing Company

This chile beer is made for spice lovers. It's filled with the menacing fire of the Ghost Pepper, the hottest pepper in the world, along with habaneros and plenty of other chiles. This Twisted Pine Brewing beer is certainly not for the faint of heart... or weak stomached.

Peach Grand Cru: Great Divide Brewing Company

Coloradans look forward to their peaches every year and they also happen to brew some mighty fine beer — now they've added their peaches to beer and the concept, while strange to some, is actually pretty cool! Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver has added peaches to one of their brews and the result is a light, refreshing, and absolutely weird but delicious flavor combination.

Key Lime Pie: Shorts Brewing Company

Now this is something we can dig. Key lime pie is light and flavorful, and when mixed with a beer we can understand the citrusy notes of the lime jiving well with the hoppy flavors of a beer. Now the pie crust part we're not sure about, but the other elements seem to be there.

Mint Chocolate Stout: Perennial Artisan Ales

Mint and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly. The combination is delicious, but what happens when you add beer into the equation? Shockingly, this combo does work. When you add flavors like chocolate and mint to a beer, the full-bodied flavors of hops and barely tend to be mellowed and you and get a delicious beer!

Noble Rot: Dogfish Head

This hybrid of beer and wine is kind of cool for the indecisive individual. Dogfish Head came up with a beer that uses grapes and actually tastes a little bit like wine. (Also, did you know noble rot, unfermented grape juice infected with a benevolent fungus, is actually what makes some of the most delectable and expensive dessert wines in the world?)

Oyster Stout: PorterhouseBrewing Company

You might not think about oysters and beer going together, but one of the best food and beer pairings is in fact a light and crisp beer paired with briny oysters. That's exactly what you'll be getting from the Porterhouse Oyster Stout, because fresh oysters are shucked directly into the conditioning tank. Maybe it's not the most appealing name for a beer, but it definitely tastes good.

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter: Willoughby Brewing Company

Ah, the combination of peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, and... beer? That's what Willoughby Brewing Company came up with and we're totally on board. This might be the coolest (and most decadent) beer on the list!

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale: Lazy Magnolia

Pecan is a favorite around Thanksgiving and it's actually a pretty toasty nut that pairs well with heavier beer. Lazy Magnolia has come up with a beer that might be perfect for the end of your Thanksgiving meal this holiday season.

Alba Scots Pine Ale: Williams Bros. Brewing Company

Truthfully, we think this is a cute idea. Pine trees, Christmas, flannel shirts, firewood, and beer just seem to go together. And Williams Bros. Brewing Company has turned our L.L. Bean Christmas fantasy into a somewhat drinkable reality.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout: Wynkoop Brewery

This one has us gagging. Rocky Mountain Oysters aren't the slimy shellfish that you're imagining. They're bull testicles. And this stout from Wynkoop Brewery in Colorado has bottled them into a beer. No thank you.

Banana Bread: Wells & Young’s Brewing Company

We've featured this wacky flavor before and now it's back because we think it's so creative—– and weird. The idea of putting banana bread into a beer is interesting because bread and beer are both made with yeast. Maybe we're a bunch of squares for calling it weird.

Pizza Beer: Mama Mia! Pizza Beer

There's nothing like pizza and beer on a Friday night, and Mama Mia! Pizza Beer has created a brew that bottles two things into one. We're kind of curious about the brew, but we can't say we'd pair it with our pie at our next pizza party.