2-Ingredient Cocktails To Make This Weekend

Whether you spend your weekends lounging on the sofa watching your favorite movie or hosting a huge party with all of your friends, everything is better with a little booze.

Once the weekend comes around, a week's worth of work can leave you feeling completely drained, wanting nothing more than a really, really good cocktail. On the contrary to what many believe, you don't have to be a mixologist to make a killer cocktail. To make one, all you really need is some liquor and something to mix it with. We know it sounds redundant, but people make it seem much harder than it is.

Don't believe us? We here's three two-ingredient cocktail recipes that may make you change your mind.

The Martini

Martinis are an elegant and timeless choice of drink. They may look fancy and sophisticated, but they're easier to make than you think. To make this cocktail, all you need is gin and vermouth. The rest is optional.

Click here for a martini recipe.

The Screwdriver

If you happen to have a carton of OJ in your fridge and a bottle of vodka in your liquor cabinet, you can make a screwdriver. That's the best thing about this cocktail — you'll rarely have to go out and buy the ingredients as they are typically staples of any home.
Click here for a screwdriver recipe.

Whiskey Ginger

A whiskey ginger is a classic ginger ale highball made with ginger ale and whiskey. It's simple, spicy, quick, and delicious. That's it.

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