15 Unconventional Beer Bottle Openers Slideshow

A Piece of Paper

Folded up just right, the paper provides just enough leverage to pop a can open. Accessible, cheap — who needs a real bottle opener with paper lying around?

A Dollar Bill

Unless you just spent all your bills on brews, you should have a dollar bill handy to crack it open. Much like the paper example, fold it up really tight and cram it into the grooves of the cap. With enough strength, it'll pop right off.

A Lighter

The metal part of the lighter can rip the top right off, with enough leverage. 

A Wedding Ring

They say marriage is good for some things, but who knew the little band on your hand had improbable strength to open a beer? We'd guess it's best to try this with a sturdy metal ring, though — so if you skimped on the band, don't sacrifice it on a beer. It's not worth it.

An iPhone

If you're willing to risk your pricey iPhone to open a beer, you might as well give it a go — you must be really desperate as it is. We'd guess you'd need a very hard case to help pop it open. 

A High Heel

Ladies, you knew your stilettos would come in handy someday. With the right shoe — and angle, to get the best leverage — a beer can pop right open with the help of a little four-inch heel. 

A Computer Mouse

We can't imagine every mouse has this handy hole on its bottom, but surely some computer mouses have big enough openings to get a good grip on the beer cap. It might be best to step away from the computer while attempting this one.

A Car Key

Your car keys are your best weapon against beer withdrawal — the tiny ends fit perfectly in the grooves of the beer cap, plus the metal is sturdy enough to not bend under pressure. 

A Fondue Pot

We can't tell if this was a lucky guess, or a truly genius solution to a problem — one guy uses the handles of a fondue pot to pop a beer open. It begs the question, could other pots work just as well?


What better way to get rid of your old CDs? We'd think a couple might break in the process, but with the right wrist action, the CD turns practically into a sabre to pop a cold one open.

Another Bottle of Beer

Unless youve drank to the bottom of your stash, you should be able to use another beer bottle to open a beer. Wed advise trying this one out first to avoid a huge beer spill, but hey two is better than one.

A Carabineer

Rock climbers and dudes who still put their climbing equipment on key chains (you know who you are) may find this option quick and simple. The climbing essential makes opening a beer a cinch.

A Chain Saw

Again, how desperate are you to drink a beer? And how averse are you to sharp objects? If you're brave enough to give this a go, we pray that you are practicing chain saw safety. (Not that we recommend this one to begin with, but hey — someone has to give these brew-loving daredevils a prop when deserved.)

A Bike Wheel

This is another stand-back try: We don't recommend this for those without capable reflexes to duck. A spinning bike wheel can gain enough force to whip off a beer cap — but we'd rather take a stab with another tool.

An Eye Socket

In terms of hazardous to your health, we'd rank this trick below the chain saw, but under the bike wheel. Apparently, the muscles in your eye socket are just strong enough to twist off a beer cap, but we have so many questions: How does this not hurt your eyeball? And who was the first to try this out? And wouldn't the metal cap possibly cut your eye? We'd leave this one to the pros dumb enough to attempt it.