15 Innovative Coffee Mug Designs Slideshow

2 Carat Cup

Wake up each morning and feel like the happiest girl in the world with this morning proposal of more coffee. Every time you pick up this mug, feel the two-carat bling slip on your finger and know, no matter how bad your morning breath is, coffee still loves you.


What do you get when you cross Fight Club with The Breakfast Club? Well, whatever ensues, youll want to arm yourself with the "Fisticup" half beverage holder, half street-fighting weapon.

Ctrl-Alt-Del Keyboard Soft Reboot Cup Set

This series of cups, reserved only for 1337s (no n00bs allowed), are shaped like the three most commonly used keys on any glitchy computer. Use one to hold your morning cup of java, or use all three to try to get your mom to stop running that program asking you when you're going to get a job.

Mugs Talk with Chalk Mug

Were you one of those kids who always raised their hand to go up to the front of the class and write whatever it was the teacher wanted on the board? Thought so.

Gun Handle Mug

First rule of being a stone-cold hitman: Try not to drop your gun. Applying that logic to morning beverages is the Gun Handle mug. Wake up to a real shot of espresso while you canvas your kitchen for any hidden targets, er... Pop Tarts, and remember to be careful where you point that coffee.

Plug Mug

The message is a clear one: "Do not, under any circumstances, use my mug." If you've got an office thief, invest in this genius mug with a removable plug that you can take with you to ensure no one else drinks coffee out of it besides you.

Ashtray Mug

The age-old combination of coffee and cigarettes has been around long enough to get its own indie movie, so it seems only fitting that the pairing would be immortalized in the form of a coffee mug. The innovative design fuses a regular coffee cup with a discrete, detachable ashtray.

Global Warming Mug

With the simple addition of heat, the map on this mug (which let's hope for their sake is recyclable) starts to lose its coastlines, demonstrating what some say might happen if water levels continue to rise at the current rate. Great, so now you can enjoy your morning pastry with a good dose of first-world guilt.

"I Am Not a Paper Cup..." Mug

This clever design allows you to enjoy all the practicalities of the no-spill sip lid without all the ecological guilt. (Plus, the double-walled, thermal porcelain cup lets you sip your scorching-hot morning brew without having to worry about burning your fingertips.)

Minor Miracle

How about a little deity sighting to liven up your morning? This mug, featuring a subtle image of the Virgin Mary at the bottom, can be used to remind you that little miracles happen all the time. (Or to convince your friends that a certain omnipotent being thinks you're His favorite.)

Mixed Messages Mug

Geez, who stole your morning enthusiasm? This cup may have the answers, but you're not going to get them without a price. The interesting cut-and-paste design allows for you to make personalized messages for whoever sees your mug, albeit in a less-than-friendly tone.

Shark Attack Mug

A perfectly ordinary mug. Nothing happening here. No tricks, no surprises, just your coffee. Did you say something about a Candygram? (What's that quickening bass soundtrack?) Did I sign those life insurance papers? No, but I'll get to it right after this soothing cup of coff-

Thinker Mug

Like you, The Thinker has a lot on his mind — life, love, and the meaning of it all. But does that really matter when you've got a nice cup of hot coffee in front of you? Find out for yourself as you fill the mug and watch as The Thinker's many thoughts fade away to reveal the simple answer to everything: coffee. What was I thinking about again?

Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

The cup that has become synonymous with less-than-perfect New York coffee can now be used to hold the less-than-perfect coffee you make at home, except without having to track down a new cup every day.