12 Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Red or white, here are our seasonal picks to go with your roast turkey — or turkey alternative


Try these 12 wines on Thanksgiving.

Every year, the turkey question comes up: How are we going to cook it this year? The same old traditional roast with giblet gravy? Something livened up with a spice rub or citrus glaze? Hey, what if we deep-fry the bird? What if we smoke it? What if we don't have turkey at all?

12 Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner (Slideshow)

Once that decision is made the next question comes along: What are we going to drink with whatever it is we're cooking as our Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece? If you're a beer drinker or a cocktail lover or want to get old-fashioned with hard cider (or even mead), the options are many. If you prefer wine with your turkey (or whatever you're cooking), the options multiply many times.

We've tasted scores of wines over the past few weeks, bearing in mind the flavor components in some of our favorite holiday recipes, and have come up with a dozen bottles that will work superbly with Thanksgiving dinner, with our ideal choices determined by the nature of the main dish.

Some of these wines will be readily available; others are from small producers and may be hard to find — but a good wine shop should be able to offer alternatives in the same style if you give them these names. Prices are approximate, and may vary from place to place.

Read on for our choice of 12 Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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