12 Ice-Cold Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer (Slideshow)

Want a sweet treat in your deep freeze? Freeze gummy candies (bears, worms) in lemonade, soda, or even plain water for an adorable cube that makes any summer mocktail a little more fun.

Coffee or Tea Ice Cubes

Brew tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate to freeze in trays. Add cinnamon, cardamom, or cloves to enhance the flavors, or simply freeze those last few sips of your morning tea or coffee to create a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. 

Fruit Freezes

White grape juice is a perfect base for whole or chopped fruit. Pomegranate seeds, blueberries, or raspberries are all great options. Add your own combination to liven up any glass of water, juice, or sports drink. 

Cherry Coke

Freeze Maraschino cherries with a drop of syrup in Coke for a chilled twist on that cherry Coke taste. 

Chocolate Ice Cubes

Perfect for iced coffee or even a glass of cold milk, chocolate ice cubes are a fun summer treat.

Floral Ice

Snapdragons, lavender, and violet are just a few flower options that can be added to ice to create beautiful drinks for a baby shower, a bridal party, or even an afternoon tea. In order make sure the flowers are visible, use the boiling method mentioned in the main article so your cubes come out crystal clear. 

Citrus Ice Cubes

Try adding lemon, lime, or orange juice to your cubes to make it feel like you're in a spa. These citrus cubes can also add a little zest to your soda, vodka, or even plain seltzer. 

Wine Cubes

Yes, you can freeze wine. This is perfect for making sangrias or simply freezing a few cubes of your favorite white to give your glass an extra chill. (Keep in mind: bottles of wine should not be stored in the freezer as they can explode.) 

Mojito Ice

Add mint, lime, and simple syrup to your trays. Freeze and then add to Mojitos to avoid watered-down cocktails. 

Michelada Ice Cubes

Add a few drops of lime and a few drops of hot sauce to your favorite lager and freeze. Then toss these cubes in your next mug of beer or Michelada to enjoy your summer all the more. For an extra kick, throw a chile into the ice cube tray before freezing. 

Shandy Ice Cubes

Freeze beer and lemonade (or beer and apple juice) in trays and drop cubes into a Shandy to add a little European flare to your summer.  

Bloody Mary Cubes

Throw a few olives in with a splash of tomato juice and olive brine. Freeze celery pieces with a few drops of hot sauce and water. Or even try freezing horseradish in clamato juice to add an extra kick to your brunch beverage.