10 Weird Ways To Use Red Wine (Slideshow)

Add It To Tomato Sauce

Red wine, like chianti, can be used to take the striking acidity away from a pomorodo sauce. The addition of red wine is frequently used by chefs, because tomatoes can be very acidic, and although chiantis have some slight differences depending on the producer, a chianti with smoother tannins and more fruit-forward notes would be a perfect for your next sauce! 

Deglaze Sweet Meats

Sweeter red wines, like cabernet ice wine, can be used to deglaze lamb and sweeter meats. Since ice wine is expensive, you're in luck, because to deglaze your meats and add that something extra, all you need is a tablespoon... then the rest is all yours to enjoy!

Sweeten Syrup

Syrup, a traditional condiment for breakfast items, can be transformed with the addition of red wine. Use wine to make a sweeter syrup for French toast, or over some pungent blue cheese or creamy Brie! To make syrup, simply bring 3 cups red wine and 1 cup sugar to a boil, and then let simmer down until syrupy and thicker. This should coat the spoon well and drip off slowly. Place over your French toast or cheeses, and enjoy! 

Mix It With Other Alcohols

Cocktails deserve a little wine love, too. Adding red wine to cocktails can be fun, inventive, and a great way to use the wine you had the night before and turn it into another creative beverage. Red wine goes well with other alcohols.

Use It In Body Scrubs

As far as beauty is concerned, red wine has an enzyme called resveratrol, which is linked to many wonderful anti-aging effects. Red wine can be used in homemade body scrubs to invigorate your body or to make as gifts for friends and family.

Use It As a Facial Mask

If you're more of a facial kind of person, then you will want a red wine facial. This enticing facial can be the perfect pick-me-up when you want to feel a little refreshed and tighter in the facial and neck region. At-home facials are easy to make and fun to do yourself, so why not try this one with some leftover red wine (of course if there is any). 

Take a Bath In It

Looking to boost your circulation and possibly shift that pesky cellulite around? Try taking a red wine bath! Of course, due to the price, boxed wine is probably best and adding some grape seed oil, which is in wine anyway, can only boost up your bubble bath that much more. Simply add 16 ounces of red wine to your tub, and soak up those amazing red wine enzymes. Your body will certainly thank you. 

Paint Something Red

Have something you want to dye, and a bottle of wine that's past its prime, or just not as good as you thought it would be? Try picking up a pair of dye-able heels, paint red wine on them (as dipping would dye the inside of the shoe) and there you have it, beautiful, authentic, wine colored shoes!

Fertilize Your Garden

Into planet Earth? Want to help out your garden? Try using red wine in your compost to activate the bacteria and give your garden a little extra push! Plants need some love too, and giving them something you love, can only have successful results. 

Trap Pesky Flies

Sometimes after a bottle of wine, you may be a little less then motivated to clean the glassware, right? In the morning, you wake up and there are some unwanted flying guests around. How do you catch them in the act? By giving them what they want of course! Those pesky fruit flies won't give up, but you shouldn't have to give up your wine for them. Before you go out, or plop yourself into bed, cover your wine glass with some plastic wrap and poke a few small holes with a toothpick. This will be just enough to trap those little buggers, but will keep them from flying around your house. In the morning, simply dump them out or rinse them down the drain. Don't feel too bad either... their last meal was wine, after all.