10 Waist Slimming Cocktails For Holiday Parties

During the holidays, those concerned about watching their weight typically avoid eating heavily at parties, but the real dark ops terrorizing your diet isn't that bowl of mashed potatoes or the decorated cookies. It's the pretty cocktails with festive names that you have to keep a close eye on.

10 Waist Slimming Cocktails for Holiday Parties (Slideshow)

Here's why:  A can of tonic water has the same 140 calories as the regular soda, and once you start adding in fruit juices, liqueurs, and other tempting ingredients,  you can end up with a six-ounce cocktail that contains a whopping 300 calories or more. Not only are the extra calories an issue, but the sugar content in these drinks adds up quickly and will contribute to rapid weight gain.

Not to worry. Whether you're the one hosting a party or you are just attending one, we've found some fun drinks that offer flavor,  festivity, and fun without all the guilt. While there is a bit of a holiday theme, we've also included a few classics that you can add to your entertaining repertoire for year-round slim sipping as well.


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