10 Teas To Keep You Slim and Spirited This Holiday Season

These teas help you forgo the calories, not the flavor

From pumpkin to peppermint (eggnogg too!), there are almost too many teas to choose. 

The holidays are a time for celebration: cocktails, cakes, treats, and sweets are commonplace at every event this time of year, everywhere you turn. You can’t seem to go anywhere to without being offered something that can derail your diet, whether you’re attending the office holiday party, making the rounds at friends’ houses, or enjoying the holidays with family; temptation is everywhere. But, as in all things, balance and moderation are key, and as hard as it is to say no to the holidays, there are ways to keep your food intake and health in-check without passing entirely on the holiday cheer.

10 Teas To Keep You Slim and Spirited This Holiday Season (Slideshow)

Tea is one great asset for maintaining — and losing — weight. Not only is it a low-calorie beverage that comes in thousands of flavors, but drinking tea could also curb your appetite. Another perk? Since the cold winter months are upon us, a nice steaming pot of tea is a delicious way to warm up.

Think you’re stuck sipping lemon, chamomile, or Earl Grey while you watch others down their third helping of eggnog? Think again. We sought out teas that incorporate or evoke the beloved flavors of the season. Many tea companies have seasonal winter brews that you can sip without missing the flavors that make the holidays great. From pumpkin to peppermint, there are almost too many to choose.

Who says watching your weight during the holidays needs to be torturous? Bonus (as if there weren’t enough already): sipping these in place of that candy cane or snowman sugar cookie will put you ahead of schedule on your health-related New Year’s resolutions.

Caramel Apple Dream

Fall’s golden fruit doesn’t lose popularity when winter sets in. Toss in a little caramel flavor (because it’s the holidays, right?) and you’ve got one delicious cup.

Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland


Just thinking about cranberry and vanilla gives anyone the warm and fuzzies. The holiday classic cranberry is well supported by vanilla in this brew